The Colorado Triple 9 Challenge – An Overview and Guide

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What is the 9-9-9?

Traditionally the 9-9-9 challenge has been an eating endeavor for the brave. You must eat one hot dog and drink one beer for every inning during 9 innings of baseball. A true showing of patriotism to say the least.

However given Colorado’s seeming endless Ski season we wanted to help bring to light a new kind of 9-9-9 challenge, full of adventure. Ski 9 runs, play 9 holes of golf and watch 9 innings of MLB baseball.

Check out our Recap video below!

Filmed entirely with GoPro using the MicroJib 2, MicroJib XL and FLOW

How to do it

We’re not sure if it’s the only state where the Triple 9 is possible but more than likely you need to start by being Colorado. The Rockies season opener is typically the first week of April so if your ambitious and plan for the challenge early you will have options for which mountain you ski 9 runs at. It will be an all day event full of adventure so be sure to capture it, we recommend the MicroJib 2!

Choose a Rockies Game

    The Rockies typically have their home opener around the first week of April. It is not un-common for the club to go on a long road trip right after the home opener so be sure to check the schedule and find a home game that works for you. If you want to ski somewhere be sides Arapahoe Basin the home opener may be your only option, however I do not recommend it as ticket prices will be high as well as traffic getting into the game and around downtown.

Pick a Place to Ski

    Logistically speaking Arapahoe Basin makes the most sense because of its proximity to Denver and its lengthy season, but your next options for better skiing include Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver creek, Steamboat, Copper and even Winter Park. For anything besides A-Bay you will need to plan on doing the triple 9 before the third week of April. Anything after that Arapahoe Basin or Loveland will be your only options.

Make your tee time in advance

    This is the most important effort you can make as it will effect the timing of the entire day. I recommend choosing a tee time about 3 and a half hours before the opening pitch (if your playing in the Denver area) or earlier if your playing in the mountains. Either evergreen golf course or somewhere in the foothills. If you’re thinking about doinf the 999 it’s probably on a weekend. This means a slow pace of play and likely a two and a half hour 9 holes.

The Rules

  • Ski or Snowboard 9 full runs
  • Play 9 holes of real golf. Mini golf doesn’t count
  • Watch 9 innings of MLB baseball
  • Have fun and be safe.

The Basics

  • Pick a Rockies night game between April and June
  • Choose a Ski resort thats open for that game
  • Book a tee time in advance
  • Start early so you can enjoy all of the activities

Thanks for reading! If you’re planning on embarking on this adventure be sure to document all the fun. Our video was filmed using a few different MicroJib products. However we recommend using the MicroJib 2. It’s portable and will help to get a ton of interesting angles throughout the big rush of the day.

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