Our Story

From the Founder:

2+ years in the making, The MicroJib was created out of my passion for film, technology, & everything GoPro.  

Our journey began with the goal to take the technology of the industry grade, $5,000 camera jibs and merge it into a simple, elegant, handheld GoPro mount – one that anyone, anywhere can use to take their footage to the next level. 

2 years of 3D modeling, printing, prototyping, and a successful Kickstarter campaign later, the MicroJib is officially ready and available for public purchase worldwide.

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The MicroJib

The MicroJib’s 360 degree pan and tilt functionality makes it the first pole ever created of it’s kind. This allows for amazing creative freedom and camera motions that were previously unachievable with other extension poles.

The MicroJib has everything you’d expect from a camera pole – plus a whole lot more.


About the Creator

Ben Swanson, Founder of Microjib